Sacred Circles Center
7648 Greenleaf Ave.
Whittier, CA 90602

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Sacred Circles Center

Healing Talking Circles

Since the beginning of time people have gathered to honor each other, preserve the harmony of the community and the natural rhythm and movement of life

These gatherings strengthened and kept the people focused on the larger purpose in life. Indigenous groups have developed traditions and customs that are built on the rooted ethnic spirit of their people. Although the ceremonial expression of these traditions and customs is different depending on the particular group of people, ethnic-centered people of all roots have always gathered and continue to gather in circles for four main reasons:

• To acknowledge the greater spirit,
• To recognize beginnings and endings,
• To celebrate rites of passage, and
• To help each other in times of pain and distress

We humbly offer the following circles monthly:

  • Men’s Circles
  • Spanish Speaking Women’s Circle
  • English Speaking Women’s Circle
  • Community Talking Circles
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